Where can Translate help you?

Translation tools

Localisation tools to help language communities translate into their languages.


Customised localisation training and training material for languages.  Translate has hosted training across Africa, Europe and Asia.  We've also published various training manuals and contributed to localisation book creation.


Consulting to define strategies for languages or strategies for organisations wanting to reach new markets.  We draw on a wealth of experience in localisation to help guide state institutions to set in place localisation strategies for their languages as well as helping organisation prioritise target languages when targeting new markets.

Enabling technology

Building technology such as keyboards, fonts, locales and spell checkers that ensure a language can operate in the digital world.
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Translate has been championing local languages in the digital world for well over a decade.  During this time we’ve seen changes in the enviornment and built an amazing set of skills and resources that we are able to bring to our partners.

Our initial focus, South Africa, saw us working on the eleven official languages of South Africa.  As our focus grew, we included Africa, where we’ve assisted other local language groups as well as ran Anloc, an Africa wide network of localization experts.  Currently our focus is global as we work with companies and organisation to address all aspects of localization across the globe.

At Translate our skills cover language strategy, localization, training, tool creation, digitisation and enabling technologies.  We focus on a much wider scope of localizaation then most other organisations as our focus is on how to make local languages thrive.

Translate has had the opportunity to increase the understanding of the need for local languages at events across the globe, with the UN, ministers and other leading decision makers.

Our aim when working with you is to bring our skills and help you to shape a path to most effectivly deliver and service local languages.

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