Now you can Sesha i-Google and Google Uphendlo

Published in ITWeb has translated Google’s home page into Zulu and Xhosa as part of its ongoing campaign to translate Internet content and software into SA’s official languages. is a project of the Zuza Software Foundation – a section 21 company that focuses on open source software for upliftment and empowerment. Sponsorship from Obsidian Systems and Uniforum since December 2002 made the translation of Google possible. spokesman Dwayne Bailey says Google was selected because it is widely used and encourages translation of the interface. “The translation work was completed in December,” says Bailey, “but the process of Google making them available has taken quite a while. The pages went live this week.”

Bailey says the organisation is also completing a Sotho translation, while other volunteers have already completed an Afrikaans translation.

“ will focus on other software areas, but we want to encourage users to continue with the translation effort,” says Bailey. “Google can be translated into almost all of SA’s languages. Volunteers who would like to improve the Xhosa and Zulu versions, or translate into other languages can register here.” has been in operation since August 2001, beginning with a Xhosa translation of the KDE Linux desktop.

“We are well on course with our mission of seeing open source software translated for the end-user. We have translated the KDE desktop into five languages. The Mozilla Web browser has been translated into seven languages. We have begun work on OpenOffice in Zulu.”

Note: Google no longer allows community localisation of their products.

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