Archive | March, 2004

Namibian OSS workshop produces Kiswahili dictionary

Published in Tectonic Kiswahili speakers can now spellcheck documents in their own language. A group of developers taking part in the Africa Source joined forces – and resources – to develop the first-ever Kiswahili dictionary. The project, led by Jason Githeko of Kenya and’s Dwayne Bailey produced the new dictionary in one of the […]

Africa Source – first pan-African FOSS developers meeting

Originally published by TacticalTech.  Translate’s Thobile Mholongo and Dwayne Bailey attended the event contributing our knowledge of localisation into African languages. One outcome was a collaboration that lead to an initial Swahili spellchecker. Africa Source was the first pan-African Free and Open Source Software developers meeting, held 15th-19th March 2004 in Okahandja, Namibia. Over 60 […]