Africa Source – first pan-African FOSS developers meeting

Originally published by TacticalTech.  Translate’s Thobile Mholongo and Dwayne Bailey attended the event contributing our knowledge of localisation into African languages. One outcome was a collaboration that lead to an initial Swahili spellchecker.

Africa Source was the first pan-African Free and Open Source Software developers meeting, held 15th-19th March 2004 in Okahandja, Namibia.

Over 60 participants from all across Africa met for discussion, peer learning and skillshare. The focus of the event was on the practical challenges of realising F/OSS in the African context, the aim was to build cooperation between Africa’s most active F/OSS individuals and projects in the longer term.

The event offered a ground for developers, who are often working in isolation, to get to know their colleagues and discuss with them broader issues and challenges. At the same time, a number of practical skillshare sessions were offered with content ranging from localising Linux distributions to setting up wireless networks, and from hands-on work with content management systems to designing and managing large databases.

The event was organised by Tactical Tech, AllAfrica and SchoolNet Namibia.

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