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Casablanca Statement

African localisation experts met in Casablanca in a workshop organised by Kabissa with Bisharat under IDRC funding, and in collaboration with MTDS and the Casablanca Technopark centre. The event benefitted from contributions from the Moroccan Minister-Delegate to the Prime Minister in Charge of General and Economic Affairs, the Canadian Ambassador to Morocco, and experts from […]

African Localization Workshop in Casablanca

Dwayne and Friedel from Translate participated in the first PanAfrican Localisation workshop held in Casablanca, Morocco on June 13-15 2005 which brought together a number of localisation experts and representatives of African language localisation projects. The workshop produced the Casablanca Statement. PanAfrican Localisation Participants

Diary of an open source developer workshop

Published in Tectonic Independent journalist Frederick Noronha blogged his way through the Asia Source open source developer workshop held in India earlier this year. Now he has collected all his writings over the entire workshop and released them as a small book which offers a fascinating insight into the state of open source software, not […]