Archive | October, 2005 goes live with 2.0

Published in Tectonic Today, a week after the project turned five years old, the team has released the long-awaited open source 2.0 suite. More than two years in development 2.0 includes a number of key new features including the new Base database module and support for the internationally recognised OpenDocument format. […]

Venda gets its own keymap

Published in Tectonic South African Police Services language practitioner Shumani Nevhulaudzi is a woman of many words. In fact, she can speak all 11 official South African languages. Even though Nevhulaudzi is computer literate, word-processing can be a frustrating experience. This is because Venda, her first language, uses diacritic characters that are not easily accessible […]

Open source high on agenda at ACT Summit

Published in Tectonic Open source software is locally relevant, globally competitive and can make good business sense. That was the message from some of South Africa’s top open source pioneers at the African Computing & Telecommunications Summit in Johannesburg yesterday. Head of the CSIR Open Source Centre, Nhlanhla Mabaso, highlighted major open source initiatives on […]