2nd PanAfrican Localisation Workshop

The second workshop of the PanAfrican Localisation project, “PAL2” was held in Tshwane, South Africa, on 5-7 November 2007.

PAL2 was the third workshop on localisation in Africa funded by IDRC, following the first PanAfrican Localisation workshop in Casablanca, Morocco and the Pan African Research on L10N Workshop & Localization Blitz in Marrakech, Morocco (2007/2/24-27).

The workshop built on the previous meetings, as well as others and ongoing developments in the localisation community. It had the following goals:

  1. Generate recommendations on the sustainability of the PanAfrican Localisation (PAL) project – notably the website and wiki, which are intended as ongoing and “living” resources.
  2. Discuss future directions, initiatives, and specific projects relating to IDRC’s localisation program in Africa.
  3. As another in a series of meetings on localization in Africa, facilitate individual contacts within the emerging network, including experts from countries that have not previously participated.


Translate provided local facilitation for the event.

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