Kick-off for the African Network for Localisation

In July 2008, project partners from the ten different sub-projects, met in Pilansburg, South Africa, to start the three year long Anloc project.

The African Network for Localisation (Anloc) seeks to empower Africans to participate in the digital age by removing the last inch limitations caused by language, a process known as localisation whereby information and communication technology (ICT) is adapted to the language and culture where it is used.

In order to do so, technology needs to be enabled, the tools that make localisation more effective must be built, training that increases African localisation skills needs to be developed and provided, and the status of language policy as it relates to localisation and to the usage of ICTs in local languages needs to be influenced.

Anloc is funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Translate manages the overall projects, with a number of partners executing various projects to fullfill the research objectives of Anloc.  Dwayne Bailley, from Translate, is Anloc’s Research Director.


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