Virtaal simplifies software translation

Published in Tectonic, the first official release of Virtaal

South African localisation experts have released version 0.2 of a brand new translation tool called Virtaal.

Translate’s Friedel Wolff says that “Virtaal is a graphical translation program with a simple layout … built on the powerful API of the Translate Toolkit”.

Dwayne Bailey, founder of, says that Virtaal is intended to be easy enough for a beginner translator to use, yet feature rich.

Virtaal is also designed to speed up the process of translation with features such as auto-completion, auto-correction of common mistakes and spell checking built in.

Wolff says that Virtaal includes support for a wide range o localisation formats including Gettext .po and .mo, XLIFF, TMX, TBX, WordFast TM, Qt .ts and .qph.

Syntax highlighting and spell checking for both the original and the translated text make it significantly easier for translators to eliminate errors.

Virtaal – the name is a play on the Afrikaans words “for language” and the word for “translation” – can be downloaded as both a Windows .exe file or in RPM or SRC format. The software is completely free and open source software.

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