ANLoc New November 2009

From Dwayne Bailey, Research Director of ANLoc

In this edition of the ANEgypt 2009_reducedLoc update you will read stories of everyday people who have made a significant impact on others, and many more to follow, by simply volunteering their time and skill. Technology is not available to all people. Why not? Because it still speaks mainly dominant languages such as English, French and Portuguese. Africa has taken the monolinguality of technology sitting down to date, but no more. It is possible to see computers, cell phones and other technologies speaking African languages. What is required is people power!

Volunteerism is only going to work if people can practically contribute. ANLoc is a project that is accessible and practical, and brings the dreams of computers speaking the mother tongue languages of Africans to reality. We need to take hold of the opportunities that ANLoc is affording us as Africans, and make our dreams possible. I am personally enjoying watching our networks grow and amplify as people jump on board. Like Dudu, who is translating ten pieces of software into Zulu, and with a full-time job! ANLoc is a network community of people who want to make a difference on our continent, people who are concerned about African localisation and who are giving their time and energy to make it happen. Join us as we join thousands of others who are at work making it possible for technology to adapt to people .. and not the other way around.