African Languages in a Digital Age

978-1-55250-473-4-0Don Osborn has published “African Languages in a Digitical Age: Challenges and Opportunities for Indigenous Language Computing“.  Don is the policy lead within the Anloc project and offers a rich insite into policy, linguistic considerations and technology in Africa.  He lead the PanAfriL10n project, the precursor to the Anloc network.

With increasing numbers of computers and penetration of the Internet around the world, localization of the technology and the content it carries into the many languages people speak is becoming an ever more important area for discussion and action. Localization, simply put, includes translation and cultural adaptation of user interfaces and software applications, as well as creation and translation of internet content in diverse languages. It is essential in making information and communication technology more accessible to the populations of the poorer countries, increasing its relevance to their lives, needs, and aspirations, and ultimately in bridging the “digital divide.”

Localization is a new and growing field of inquiry. This book identifies issues, concerns, priorities, and lines of research and is intended as a baseline study in defining localization in the African context and how it is important for development and education in the long term.

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This books is funded bys Canada’s International Development Research Center and is published as part of the Anloc project which is managed by Translate.

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