54 African locales included in CLDR 1.8

Originally published by IT46.  This work forms part of the output from the ANLoc project, managed and lead by Translate.

The Afrigen team is proud to announce that 54 African locales have been submitted to Unicode, and included in the CLDR 1.8 release. Out of the 54 locales, 41 was completely new to CLDR, while 13 was improvements of existing locales.

This bulk submission of locales has greatly improved the footprint of African languages in CLDR, that hosted only 10+ in the previous release. The next step for these African locales is submission to OpenOffice.org.

If you want to see a beautiful script that finally has made it to CLDR, have a look at Tachelhit, a Berber language spoken by 300,000 people in Morocco written in Tifinagh. The Tifinagh script is used by around 20 million people in Morocco for tifinaghwriting Berber languages including Tarifite, Tamazighe, and Tachelhite [source: www.unicode.org].

If your local language is not included in CLDR and you are willing to spend a few hours creating a locale, please contact us!

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