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Firefox vat vlam in Afrikaans

Published in Mail & Guardian Already translated into more than 40 languages, the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser now sports an Afrikaans interface thanks to, a non-profit organisation working to give local flavour to open-source software. The Afrikaans version was translated by one man and rigorously tested thereafter. Already translated into […]

Firefox 2 speaks Afrikaans

Published on Tectonic The popular Mozilla Firefox web browser has been translated into the South African Afrikaans language. Afrikaans is one of 11 official South African languages. The Afrikaans translation is the work of non-profit and its volunteer community. This is the first official release of Afrikaans translations in the Firefox 2.0 series. Between […]

Students translate webmail into local language

Published in Tectonic isiXhosa speakers have translated the interface for Rhodes University’s Horde email system in a 48-hour Translate@thon. The translated software is the first application of its kind that will allow the institute’s students and staff to access email in their mother tongue. About 60 isiXhosa speakers and IT specialists huddled around computer screens […]

Students to make technology Xhosa-literate

Published on Tectonic Students from Rhodes University will gather this weekend to translate the campus online email system into Xhosa. The “Translate@thon”, a one-day translation drive, is an initiative of South African localisation organisation Students will be translating the open source Horde web-based email application. recently won the ICT Achievers Award for bridging […]

Pan African Research on L10N Workshop & Localization Blitz

The Pan African Research on L10N Workshop & Localization “Blitz”, 24-27 of February 2007, Marrakesh, Morocco, brought together leading researchers and practitioners from across Africa to develop a joint research agenda. The main outcome of that meeting was to start a process of reinforcing a network of partners to conduct applied research on localisation issues […] scoops ICT award

Published in Tectonic has won the prestigious African ICT Achiever 2006 Award for “Top civil society/NGO to bridge the digital divide in Africa” for their work in breaking down the language barrier. An ecstatic Dwayne Bailey, Founder of said, “Finally, after years of hard work promoting the importance of mother tongue languages in […]

SA languages: One keyboard fits all

Published in the Mail & Guardian A new keyboard has been developed that will allow typing in all 11 official languages in South Africa, said Dwayne Bailey this week, director of, a non-governmental organisation focused on the localisation of open-source software into all 11 official languages. The keyboard will allow a person to type […]

Keyboard caters for all 11 SA languages

Published in Tectonic, which previously released in all 11 official South African languages has now created a South African keyboard. The keyboard can be used to type all characters of all the South African languages, including those needed by Venda, Northern Sotho, Tswana and Afrikaans. For English language speakers the idea that words […]

DST to host Software Freedom Day

Published in Tectonic South Africa’s department of science and technology has thrown its weight behind free and open source software and is to host a Software Freedom Day event at its new Pretoria offices this Saturday. And as part of a desire to build stronger links with the free software community, the department has partnered […]

Creative Commons uses SA language tool

Published in Tectonic Alternative licensing organisation Creative Commons (CC) has adopted the South African-led Pootle translation tool to translate its ccHost and ccPublisher software. Pootle is a web-based tool that allows users to easily translate free and open source software into their language without necessarily being programmers. South African open source localisation guru and director […]