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iCommons Summit – Brazil

The iCommons Summit, June 23-25, Rio de Janerio, Brazil saw international Creative Commons/iCommons and other friendly projects converging. Translate attended to raise the issues of language and inclusion. Joi Ito lists some of the other amazing people in attendance: Gilberto Gil, Minister Culture, Brazil, our fearless leader Larry Lessig, our iCommons director and star from […]

African localisation wins at Stockholm

Published in Tectonic Let’s face it: it’s never nice coming second (or for that matter third or fourth). But South African non-profit does have something to cheer about after they returned empty-handed from the Stockholm Challenge Award ceremony earlier this month. A little-known African localisation projected called KiLinux, which translated open source office suite […]

Changing the world, one word at a time

Published in Tectonic Head of, Dwayne Bailey, called on civil society to help localise software, and push proprietary firms to do likewise, at the Sangonet “ICTs for Civil Society” conference in Johannesburg this week. recently completed translating 2.0 into South Africa’s eleven official languages – a major achievement that Bailey believes is […]

IDLELO2: Achieving Millenium Development Goals through Community Software

Translate presented at the second IDLELO Conference on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) held in Nairobi, Kenya 23-25 February 2006. The conference was organized by The Free Software & Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), InWEnt Capacity Building International, Germany and the eGovernment […]

‘Understanding user needs the key to localisation’

Published in Tectonic Dwayne Bailey lives in Pretoria and comes from Cape Town, South Africa. In the world of free and open source software, he is well known for preaching the localisation gospel. Here he talks to Frederick Noronha about getting started with localisation. “Localisation is everything that makes the computer work for you in […]

Localisation in African Languages – LISA/Cairo 2005

The Localization in African Languages track was part of the LISA (Localisation Industry Standards Association) conference in Cairo, 5-8 December 2005. Presenters: Dr. Nikolay Dobronravine, Univ. of St. Petersburg Dr. Dawit Bekele, Addis Ababa University Dwayne Bailey, Tunde Adegbola, Alt-I Dr. Peter Benjamin, OneWorld/Open Knowledge Network Prof. Baba Mamadi Diane, University of Cairo Dr. […]

OpenOffice in 11 South African languages

Published in Tectonic After 75 000 translated words and many months of hard work, is scheduled to release 2.0.1 in all 11 official South African languages later this month. director, Dwayne Bailey, says that 20 people – academics, translators and reviewers – were involved in the translations, most of whom are language […] goes live with 2.0

Published in Tectonic Today, a week after the project turned five years old, the team has released the long-awaited open source 2.0 suite. More than two years in development 2.0 includes a number of key new features including the new Base database module and support for the internationally recognised OpenDocument format. […]