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Localization Developers Sprint

Translate participated in the Localization Developers Sprint hosted by Aspiration and Tactical Technology Collective in Warsaw, Poland from the 20th to the 22nd of November, 2004. The event brought together a diverse group of leaders and innovators in software and documentation localization to share experiences, compare projects and practices, and document the same.

Free and African for Software Freedom Day

Published in ITWeb will launch open source software in three South African languages to mark Global Software Freedom Day on Saturday., a South African software translation project, has spent two years developing this software with the sponsorship of the Shuttleworth Foundation, the Department of Communications, CSIR, Obsidian Systems, Hewlett-Packard South Africa and St […]

Namibian OSS workshop produces Kiswahili dictionary

Published in Tectonic Kiswahili speakers can now spellcheck documents in their own language. A group of developers taking part in the Africa Source joined forces – and resources – to develop the first-ever Kiswahili dictionary. The project, led by Jason Githeko of Kenya and’s Dwayne Bailey produced the new dictionary in one of the […]

Africa Source – first pan-African FOSS developers meeting

Originally published by TacticalTech.  Translate’s Thobile Mholongo and Dwayne Bailey attended the event contributing our knowledge of localisation into African languages. One outcome was a collaboration that lead to an initial Swahili spellchecker. Africa Source was the first pan-African Free and Open Source Software developers meeting, held 15th-19th March 2004 in Okahandja, Namibia. Over 60 […]

Open source world gets an Afrikaans spellchecker

Published by Tectonic A free Afrikaans spell-checker was released last week by South African organisation Afrikaans is one of the most widely spoken languages South Africa. The spell-checker allows users to spell check emails and documents in Afrikaans. Over the past two years the project has been at the forefront of translating popular […]

Now you can Sesha i-Google and Google Uphendlo

Published in ITWeb has translated Google’s home page into Zulu and Xhosa as part of its ongoing campaign to translate Internet content and software into SA’s official languages. is a project of the Zuza Software Foundation – a section 21 company that focuses on open source software for upliftment and empowerment. Sponsorship from […]

Bridging the Digital Divide in South Africa

Linda Martindale, Linux Journal South Africa has 11 official languages. It also has one of the greatest divides between rich and poor in the world, and this divide is most evident in the technology area. The IT world unwittingly has excluded the masses as technology has raced on leaving many South Africans behind. Socio-economic circumstances, […]

Web browser speaks Xhosa

Published in ITWeb A local project, started little more than a year ago and largely funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation, this week released a range of translated software including a Web browser and an Office suite. The Zuza Software Foundation has translated the Mozilla Web browser into Xhosa, Zulu and four other languages, and has […]