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Ordinary people doing extra ordinary things

Hi, I’m Heather Bailey, I work on some amazing projects at — from publishing translated books, software, localisation training, language strategy for governments and more. But, compared to the people I work with I really feel quite ordinary. I get to interact and know some of the most incredible people who are doing amazing things for […]

Super Heroes of Mali

Dwayne Bailey has just returned from a trip to Mali and brings greetings from West Africa, where they have been busy localizing Mozilla Firefox. Together with Heather they will  be wrangling the localization space at Mozfest 2015. I’ve just returned from West Africa, lost my luggage, my flights were a mess and I’d forgotten how […]

ANLoc New November 2009

From Dwayne Bailey, Research Director of ANLoc In this edition of the ANLoc update you will read stories of everyday people who have made a significant impact on others, and many more to follow, by simply volunteering their time and skill. Technology is not available to all people. Why not? Because it still speaks mainly […]

ANLoc News March 2009

  ANLOC’s vision is to empower Africans to participate in the digital age by removing the last inch limitations imposed on language usage by the limitation of technology. In order to do this technology needs to be enabled. Tools need to be built that make localisation more effective that help the translator or the relating […]