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ODF translation to be simplified

Published in Tectonic South African localisation experts,, have launched a new project to simplify ODF document translation. The project aims to develop software that will convert documents in the ISO-approved OpenDocument format (ODF) into XLIFF, a standard format used by translators. The process will convert just the text of ODF documents into the XLIFF […]

Tech should be multilingual

Published in ITWeb Businesses can use multilingual Web 2.0 applications and business development tools as a way to grow markets, says MD Dwayne Bailey. “Having technologies in one of SA’s official languages, other than English, could mean the difference between five million and 40 million customers,” he says. There are many people in SA and Africa […]

Firefox 2 speaks Afrikaans

Published on Tectonic The popular Mozilla Firefox web browser has been translated into the South African Afrikaans language. Afrikaans is one of 11 official South African languages. The Afrikaans translation is the work of non-profit and its volunteer community. This is the first official release of Afrikaans translations in the Firefox 2.0 series. Between […]

SA languages: One keyboard fits all

Published in the Mail & Guardian A new keyboard has been developed that will allow typing in all 11 official languages in South Africa, said Dwayne Bailey this week, director of, a non-governmental organisation focused on the localisation of open-source software into all 11 official languages. The keyboard will allow a person to type […]

Keyboard caters for all 11 SA languages

Published in Tectonic, which previously released in all 11 official South African languages has now created a South African keyboard. The keyboard can be used to type all characters of all the South African languages, including those needed by Venda, Northern Sotho, Tswana and Afrikaans. For English language speakers the idea that words […]

Creative Commons uses SA language tool

Published in Tectonic Alternative licensing organisation Creative Commons (CC) has adopted the South African-led Pootle translation tool to translate its ccHost and ccPublisher software. Pootle is a web-based tool that allows users to easily translate free and open source software into their language without necessarily being programmers. South African open source localisation guru and director […]

iCommons Summit – Brazil

The iCommons Summit, June 23-25, Rio de Janerio, Brazil saw international Creative Commons/iCommons and other friendly projects converging. Translate attended to raise the issues of language and inclusion. Joi Ito lists some of the other amazing people in attendance: Gilberto Gil, Minister Culture, Brazil, our fearless leader Larry Lessig, our iCommons director and star from […]

Changing the world, one word at a time

Published in Tectonic Head of, Dwayne Bailey, called on civil society to help localise software, and push proprietary firms to do likewise, at the Sangonet “ICTs for Civil Society” conference in Johannesburg this week. recently completed translating 2.0 into South Africa’s eleven official languages – a major achievement that Bailey believes is […] goes live with 2.0

Published in Tectonic Today, a week after the project turned five years old, the team has released the long-awaited open source 2.0 suite. More than two years in development 2.0 includes a number of key new features including the new Base database module and support for the internationally recognised OpenDocument format. […]

Venda gets its own keymap

Published in Tectonic South African Police Services language practitioner Shumani Nevhulaudzi is a woman of many words. In fact, she can speak all 11 official South African languages. Even though Nevhulaudzi is computer literate, word-processing can be a frustrating experience. This is because Venda, her first language, uses diacritic characters that are not easily accessible […]