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Bridging the Digital Divide in South Africa

Linda Martindale, Linux Journal South Africa has 11 official languages. It also has one of the greatest divides between rich and poor in the world, and this divide is most evident in the technology area. The IT world unwittingly has excluded the masses as technology has raced on leaving many South Africans behind. Socio-economic circumstances, […]

Venda makes it into international software release

Originally appeared on ITWeb The Venda language is the latest of three languages to be included in the latest release of the open source desktop environment KDE. Translate.org.za, the organisation doing the translation work, is hoping to have another three languages ready for the release of KDE3.1 later this year. Translate.org.za has already translated the […]

Linux speaks Xhosa fluently

Published in ITWeb Linux now speaks Xhosa fluently thanks to the efforts of an organisation called translate.org.za. Founded earlier this year by Dwayne Bailey to “spearhead” the translation of desktop software into African languages, translate.org.za has completed the translation of KDE, a desktop environment for Linux. Bailey says the project was sponsored by Obsidian Systems, […]

More multi-lingual Linux support

Published in Tectonic The translate.org.za site outlines criteria for the project, including cross-platform support, and says that the Xhosa translation of the KDE desktop has already begun. “The initial aim is to build a suitable glossary of computer terms for Xhosa … Once the glossary has been created we hope to move onto the Mozilla […]

Africa Connect conference localization in KDE

At the Africa Connect conference hosted at the University of Cape Town, Dwayne Bailey presented on the localisation of KOffice, the office suite of the KDE. Historic note: This was the first presentation by Translate on the need for localisation into South African languages.  At the time no software had been translated even though the […]