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Ugandan students translate Firefox

Published in Tectonic Students and linguists from Makerere University have translated the open source web browser, Mozilla Firefox, into Luganda at a Translate@thon held on the campus in Kampala, Uganda last week. The two-day gathering brought together almost 200 students and allowed them to make a practical contribution to their language’s presence in the digital […]

Students translate webmail into local language

Published in Tectonic isiXhosa speakers have translated the interface for Rhodes University’s Horde email system in a 48-hour Translate@thon. The translated software is the first application of its kind that will allow the institute’s students and staff to access email in their mother tongue. About 60 isiXhosa speakers and IT specialists huddled around computer screens […]

Students to make technology Xhosa-literate

Published on Tectonic Students from Rhodes University will gather this weekend to translate the campus online email system into Xhosa. The “Translate@thon”, a one-day translation drive, is an initiative of South African localisation organisation Translate.org.za. Students will be translating the open source Horde web-based email application. Translate.org.za recently won the ICT Achievers Award for bridging […]